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How Do I Check for Outstanding Warrants?

Currently there are two ways to check for outstanding warrants.

If you know the court that issued the warrant, you can perform a search using the person’s name on the court website. Since this information is considered public record, you can also go to the court clerk directly.

Perform an outstanding warrant search using a public record website, like This is accurate and timely information that searches multiple court systems across the United States. This is useful if you do not know the court of origin for the warrant.

What is an Outstanding Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a court-ordered document giving police permission to arrest the person that the warrant is issued for. ‘Outstanding” means it is a current, active warrant that can be used to arrest someone at any time.

How to Find Out if There is an Outstanding Warrant

Using our advanced people search is a very simple process and provides you with an entire, detailed report in under five minutes.

Simply visit the home page, enter a person’s first and last name and their state of residence and allow SpyFly to guide you through the rest. SpyFly will access court records and other information from National, State, and Municipal databases and compile them for you in an easy-to-read report.

The Power of an Advanced Public Records Search

While a simple Google search shows you the surface of who a person is, an advanced public records search – like SpyFly - shows a more detailed picture of a person and allows you to understand the criminal past of a new love interest, contact info of a lost family member and much more.

The typical attempt at learning more about a person usually involves searching any active social media accounts and checking various websites that show up from a Google search. These sites may provide some basic information about a person, but they do little to provide information about a person's background information and criminal history.

SpyFly solves this issue by giving you the ability to find court records, criminal records and other relevant information that go far beyond a basic Google search.

What an Advanced Public Records Search Reveals

An advanced public records search reveals detailed, relevant information on a person. Of course, some people will have more court records than others, but almost everyone has hidden details about their life that you did not know, be it a criminal past or a secret social media account from college.

The information that we provide includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Background reports
  • Criminal history
  • Address history
  • Contact information
  • Financial records
  • Social media accounts

What you can expect from SpyFly


A background report is a broad term that is used to describe a variety of information, some of which cannot be easily found through Google and social media. Along with some basic information, a background report includes financial history and legal and lifestyle data.


One of the main reasons for running a public records search is to see if a person has a criminal past. SpyFly lets you see arrests records, charges and even warrants of any person you believe is a potential threat to you or your family.


It is extremely frustrating when you want to reconnect with an old friend and can’t seem to get in contact. SpyFly can help with this by providing address history and contact information in every report.


Being able to get insight into a person’s financial well-being makes it easier for you to trust them before making big life decisions. Whether you want to know about any past bankruptcies or foreclosures a person has had, SpyFly can help.


More and more people are starting to use social media, making it a great way to get into contact with old friends, learn more about a new love interest and more. However, social media accounts are not always easy to find, especially if the person you are looking for has changed their name or moved to a new area you are not familiar with.


There are plenty of other useful pieces of information that SpyFly provides, including career details and lifestyle data.

When to Search for Court Records

Our service was designed to help you to reconnect with old friends, learn more about potential threats around your family, or to help you find out if the person your dating has a shady past, but it is not meant to be used to stalk people, aid in identity theft or discriminate against others.

Here are some of the instances when searching for court records is acceptable and can be beneficial in learning more about a person:

  • Search yourself
  • Find lost family members
  • Look up an online date
  • Locate addresses and contact info
  • Search neighbors

Of course, these are not all the acceptable reasons to run an advanced people search and there are many other practical reasons to use the service.

However, there are those may try and abuse the service for unethical means. So, it is vital to know when it is not appropriate or illegal to use our services to search for a person’s court records. The following are times when using our service is inappropriate or illegal:

  • Determine eligibility for insurance
  • Stalk or harass a person
  • Screening a potential tenant
  • Screening current or potential employees
  • Determine to whom you should sell a car
  • Identity theft

As long as SpyFly is used responsibly it can be incredibly useful in finding court records and insightful information about others, which allows you to live their lives in a safer, more trusting manner and helps you to reconnect with long lost family and friends.

Search Private Records

Your Search is Anonymous and Private

The people you look up will never be notified that you reviewed their public information. Your search is private and secure.

DISCLAIMER: SpyFly provides affordable, immediate access to public record information. It is PROHIBITED by law to use our service or the information contained on our website to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq. SpyFly does not provide private investigator services, consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Please be EXTREMELY careful when reviewing a person's criminal history. Please DO NOT use this information without further investigating the accuracy of the information. The information available on our website may not be complete, accurate, or current. For more information, please review SpyFly's Terms of Use.

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