FAQ on How to Search Criminal Records Using SpyFly’s Public Record Search Tool

How Long are Criminal Records Available to the Public?

When a person gets pulled into the legal system and has their incident recorded into the book of records it stays forever. There is no amount of time that will allow for a person’s criminal record to be erased from history. Unless the end of time comes and destroys everything. At this point in the History of America, every record that gets recorded stays recorded. Whether or not the general public has access to these records, is a different story.

Can I Search Criminal Records on Anyone?

In most cases, the answer is Yes. However, if a public criminal record has been expunged or pardoned, this will also show up in a public criminal record search. Using SpyFly’s criminal record search tool is the easiest and fastest way to find a criminal history on someone.

What Does a Criminal Look Like?

It would be so much easier for the police to do their jobs if criminals had a certain look to them. All people would have to do is look at a person and know whether or not they are engaged in illegal activities. It doesn’t work that way, however. Judging somebody by the way that they look can destroy a great relationship before it even starts. The ugly, scary-looking guy standing next to you could very well save your life. Or the life of your loved one.

There are a lot of stereotypes in practice regarding race and gender, even still today. If you believe that race and status may determine whether or not somebody is a criminal, think about it. Martin Luther King Jr was a black man. Charles Manson was white. Which one was a criminal? How about Martha Stewart, and Snoop Dog? Which one of these two is a convicted felon? What a twisted world we live in. A society that assumes that people can be labeled as something just by the way they look.

What exactly defines a criminal anyway? If a person has multiple felony convictions that are over 20 years old but owns a home and a business is that person a criminal? What about an impoverished young mother that steals food from the grocery store to feed her children? Is she a criminal? The questions can go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that most people label other people as criminals because they do not know any better. A criminal is a person that lives a life in a criminal manner. They make a living out of illegal means or settle disputes illegally. They even try to control masses of people by means that are unethical and definitely illegal.

Criminals can be dirty people with torn clothes that live under bridges, or in abandoned homes. They can be men, women, transexuals, gender-neutral, or even children. They can be any race, from any country. They can dress in expensive suits, or jeans and wife-beaters. They can claim to be part of whatever religious establishment that they see fit. Some criminals never even get caught.

When you do a criminal background check on a person, you can learn a lot about them, and about the way that their case was handled. Public records are in place so that our country can keep the government in check. Without having documented records and thorough accountability our own government can turn into criminals. As we discussed above, governments have proven to be vulnerable to corruption unless they are monitored and held accountable. Many times people focus on the person with the record as opposed to how the government handled the situation. Public records are there for a reason. When you search for a criminal, make sure you take the extra time to verify that they actually are a criminal before you put a label on them. But still, keep yourself safe and know who you are around.

Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions can be for a plethora of offenses. Different states have different laws regarding what a criminal offense is. For instance, commercialized prostitution and gambling are perfectly legal in the State of Nevada, but in Utah, these would be considered criminal offenses. There are different degrees of convictions as well. There are felony convictions and misdemeanor convictions. Either one of these convictions can stay on your record for as long as time allows. Although felonies are considered to be serious criminal offenses, misdemeanors will stay on a criminal record just as long.

What are Sealed Criminal Records?

When a person that has criminal records wants to have those records sealed, there are a number of legal channels that they have to go through in order to make it happen. Getting a record “expunged” is supposed to be the same as erasing the event from the record book. When records are “sealed” what really happens is that there is a note placed by the record that indicates it is sealed and off-limits unless there is a court order that specifies the records can be looked at.

What is a Government Pardon?

A person that has been convicted of a crime can request a pardon from the government. A pardon can either be given by the President of the United States for a federal case, or the governor of the state that the crime was committed in for a state offense. The records of the case will, by no means, be erased or deleted. These records are noted as an offense that is to be “looked over” or “forgiven” by the government.

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