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Love Fraud by Fake Name and Story

Love Fraud: Fake Name Fake Story Fake Everything

“The man I was in love with for six years simply doesn’t exist”

So you meet a super sweet, friendly, gentleman at the bowling alley. You guys hit it off and have so much in common, it’s like looking at your own reflection. You’ve found the one, and you can’t wait to see him again! After a few dates and home cooked meals, you get to know him better. He’s great! He tells you admirable stories of how he’s helping his sick parents. His stories are persuasive enough to make you trust him in your home without you being there. After all, he’s been nothing but a gentleman and he’s your perfect match, so what could go wrong?

Nellie was soon left in shock after uncovering the truth about the infamous bigamist she was falling for. Gee Jones Jordan- the man she met at the bowling alley was a fraudster. His real name, William Allen Jordan. Which she uncovered through an “article” she came across:

“Love fraudster accused of scamming Florence woman gets new plea offer."

More and more people seem to be finding themselves in unfortunate situations after seeking romance behind a screen. Not only are they having their heart’s stolen, but also their money. In this case, Jordan’s victims were manipulated into believing in love, only to be left broke, in trauma, divorced, and even pregnant.

Jordan impersonated a CIA agent and was once married to two different women at the same time in the UK. He had convinced both of them that the other “wife” was simply an undercover agent.

Mary Turner Thomson, a single mother, is one of the wives. She was 35 years old when she first met ‘Liam’ Jordan online in 2000. After having great conversations with him via email and phone, they arranged to meet in person. Only three weeks into the relationship, Jordan proposed only to postpone a month before the wedding. By this time, Mary was bearing his child and Jordan was nowhere to be found. He showed up 5 months later claiming another CIA mission had him off the radar. After brainwashing her with his excuses, they eventually did marry in October 2002. Two years later, Thomson became pregnant again and Jordan had once again vanished into thin air.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?

How could she be so blindsided by this fraud? He was good. Jordan made sure to have “proof” for every lie. He even carried United States Ministry of Defense “official” paperwork, which of course were fake. He would even have some of his victims speak to men with British accents over the phone who claimed to be government agents as well. This was supposed to be security clearance but it was merely an extortion scheme.

“Much of the stuff he claimed to be working on was on the television news soon after he mentioned it, which made him seem more credible”, said Thomson.

Mrs. Jordan, meet Mrs. Jordan

What Thomson didn’t realize when she met Jordan is that it was the beginning of a six-year scam. After constantly blowing off their plans she became suspicious despite the believable explanations. Jordan was acting like he was married, well that may be because he was. She looked up his address and found a house with a woman and children living in it.

When she confronted Jordan about this, he made a long call to his “work”, at which point he explained to Thomson that he was actually a CIA agent undercover. He then made her feel guilty for almost exposing him as a “spy”. This, of course, turned out to be all a lie.

Lies on lies on lies…

A year after their wedding, he was asking Thomson for ridiculous amounts of money. He convinced his wife to get three credit cards and remortgage her flat to raise over $26,000 for him so he could replace his lost agency ID.

Then on April 2006, Thomson received a phone call from Jordan’s “pretend wife”, Julie Bringhurst. The phone call would change her life forever. She found out that the other Mrs. Jordan had been married to him since 1992 and had five children with him.

Thomson was forced to face reality. Her husband was not a CIA agent; he was a criminal. Her entire world came crumbling as she eventually learned that not only was Jordan married to two women at the same time, he was also engaged to and trying to spend the money of, more women— all of them single mothers with young daughters.

Mary Turner Thomson changed her misfortune into opportunity, however. She wrote a book about her experience as the wife of a notorious bigamist called “The Bigamist—The True Story of a Husband’s Ultimate Betrayal.” She hoped that this would prevent anyone from going through what she has experienced.

Are you being scammed?

No one genuinely looking for love deserves to be deceived in this way, yet it is happening more frequently than ever before. Don’t let these cons rob you of your money and your hope in romance. Be your own detective and Spyfly the fake spy in YOUR life.

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