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Hackers Challenge Your Smartphone Smartness

With technology steadily advancing before our eyes, so are security breaches, except these aren’t so easily spotted. Most of us stay up-to-date with today’s tech but we often forget to stay on top of hackers. The best way to protect and improve your security and reduce your vulnerability to these cyber criminals is to know how they work.

Consider these ways you might be a target for hackers:

mSpy with my little eye

Mspy is a surveillance app that can track phone call logs, GPS location, internet use, and much more.

How it works

MSpy collects data from the device on which it is installed and displays it in the Control Panel of the monitoring computer (or other device). Mspy exemplifies why we shouldn’t trust just anyone handling our mobile phones. Nowadays, it only takes simply installing an app onto a phone to expose much of your personal information. This is a reminder that we should think twice about who we give access to our technology and to update the passwords on our devices from time to time.

Not So Smart Homes

Smart homes take standard household items such as appliances, electricity, and security systems and wires them onto the Internet to be controlled by our cell phones. This type of technology is advantageous in that we can use it to save energy or generally to make our lives a little easier. But, be aware that the same tech that is meant to improve our lives is simultaneously putting us at risk. Chief Consumer Security Evangelist for McAfee, Gary Davis, says “it’s your mobile device that’s the most vulnerable access point for a home invading hacker.” If a hacker infringes on your smartphone, they can potentially disable your home’s security system and get into your home…

‘Free’ Wifi Not So Free

If you’ve ever set up your cell as a personal WiFi hotspot you might want to know a few things. Hackers (and anybody unless you password protect) can use an open wifi signal not only to access the internet through your network but to potentially download and distribute illegal materials. If any illegal activity were to come from this, you would be the tracing point!

As a reminder: Always password protect your WiFi.

Also, a hacker can mimic the name of an innocent sounding and well known public network to try and fool you into joining it. Once you connect to the open network, your device becomes a sitting duck. The hacker can not only spam you with malware but everybody in your contacts is subjected to this attack as well. All it takes is one click on these spammy links for you and your contacts to become infected with viruses. This is how damaging viruses can spread like a plague.

Remember, the best way to stay protected is to stay informed. For more information on how to protect yourself click here.

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