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Have You Heard of the Serial Dine-and-Dasher

“Bumble’s found a way to weed out jerks online,” says Time. Uh… they must’ve missed this guy–Paul aka Dave Gonzalez. To be fair, many other sites don’t have a way to stop this infamous freeloader either, as he continuously strikes in the LA area.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Gonzalez has a habit of chatting up his online matches and asking them out to dinner only to leave them stranded with the bill. One woman anonymously explained the ordeal to CBS claiming that it starts with a text:

Are you available at all this weekend for dinner?

Apparently, Bumble’s women-always-go-first ideology sang a different tune to Mr. Dine-and-Dash. To Gonzalez, women should be first to cover the dinner bill on first dates as he sneaks out the back to never look back. This jerk has set the bar way low. But, he’s not the first person to abuse online dating sites by wasting people’s time for self-interest. Remember the woman who turned Tinder into her own personal pizza delivery service?

You never truly know who is behind the online profile. I’m sure some of these women who were ghosted by Gonzalez would have thought twice about meeting with him had they known his wrongdoings. Police say he has a trail of misdemeanor charges and arrest warrants including one for ditching out on paying for a haircut in Burbank. Get better acquainted with the people in your life with a quick and easy Spyfly search.

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