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Domestic Violence

How do YOU think Domestic Abuse Should be Punished?

If you were a judge and heard that a man with a history of domestic violence had punched a woman in the face and left a laceration on her eyebrow, what sentence would you give him?

Apparently only an eight-month prison sentence, suspension for two years, and a ban from online dating.

Tina Evans of South Wales left her relationship with Karl Crimmins injured with nine stitches, a vow to stay away from online dating forever, and a determination to raise awareness of the dangers of dating online.

Evans was left with a bloody gash on her eyebrow after Crimmins, who has a history of domestic abuse against women, attacked her. She met Crimmins on a dating site, Plenty of Fish, months earlier. She had no idea he had a violent and abusive past.

She took precautions, like meeting him for the first time in a safe and public area. The couple became closer, but Evans eventually began to see a different side of Crimmins emerge. “He would get angry over the tiniest things, like his phone playing up,” she recalled. “His anger wasn’t directed to me at first but it wouldn’t take much to start him off.”

The anger flashes and erratic behavior morphed into violence in January of 2015. Crimmins had been complaining about the costs of car repairs. Evans had tried to laugh it off and lighten the mood, which Crimmins did not take to kindly.

“…he flew at me. I felt it before I saw it. Karl punched me in the face. I instinctively put my hand up to my eye and it felt wet. It was bright red blood pouring from a huge gash above my eye.”

Evans had been completely unaware that Crimmins was hiding a string of domestic assaults and that he was registered on 13 different dating sites.

Unfortunately, Karl Crimmins is only one of many who hide their dark pasts behind a bright screen. It’s too easy to conceal parts of yourself over the Internet, something Evans unfortunately learned the hard way. However, not all hope is lost. Internet services like SpyFly can gather information on anyone you’d like to search up. The report includes basic information as well as more detailed information, such as domestic abuse. Had Evans used SpyFly, she would’ve been able to see from the get-go that in her new beau was a horrifying beast.

Evans warns other women: “Be very wary of any smiling faces that pop up on your computer screens.” We at SpyFly couldn’t agree more.

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