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Does Your Valentine’s Day Compare To These Shocking Dating Stories?


Ahhh… Valentine’s day. A day typically filled with colorful cards, candy, all types of flowers, last minute shopping for your special someone and blissful moments of romance.

Whether you spent the holiday with loved ones, a first date, or practicing self-love, we hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day.

Now that the national day of love is behind us, let’s bring you back to the harsh and extraordinary realities of today’s dating world.

You’ve heard of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde, but did you know that there’s a digital version of them? That’s right. Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. digital Bonnie and Clyde, better known as David Cooper of Redwood City and Keyana McLish of San Pablo.

These two love birds first met online and only knew each other for four weeks before they decided to roam the city of San Mateo and rob practically whoever they came across.

Their love-driven robbing spree came to an end, however, when one of the victims was able to get a good look at the couple and later identify them as the perps.

I guess there is someone out there for everybody…

Although these two choose their fate together when they met online, Sharon Siermans was not so fortunate.

She was a single mother of a 4-year-old son before she was killed by John Dinsley (a man she met online) after she didn’t follow up for a second date. Dinsley has over 140 convictions on record stretching back to 2002, including a rape charge, and was on parole at the time of the attack. He is currently doing life in prison.

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