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Inaccurate Background Checks Are Costing People Jobs


Someone else’s criminal conviction appearing under your name for simply sharing a first-name or a birthdate with that person can have dire consequences on you.

It does happen, just ask Darlene.

But don’t make the same mistake as Universal Background Screening and make sure you get the right Darlene. As it turns out, Darlene Martinez was confused with Darlene Ramirez– who had a criminal record including a drug possession charge –which ended up costing her a newly found job. But how? How can a background check company report false information about you to an employer who’s considering hiring you? That’s a question that background screening companies hate, but love to ignore.

The better question is: Can anything be done about this or must victims be forced to live with the negative consequences resulting from a false report?

So what are these consequences?

Probably the most common one is getting turned down for a job, even after nailing the hiring process! Take Ward’s story for example:

When a hard-working mother realized one job wasn’t cutting it, Donnie was determined to find a second. What she ended up with was more than she bargained for, however.

She was called a liar by employers at Boston Store and was asked to leave on her first shift for lying on her application. Although Donnie never lied, a criminal background report did.

This, of course, mislabeled her as a criminal and created a traumatizing experience for Donnie. Can you imagine! Someone who had never been arrested in her entire life was now accused of Battery.

“That’s not me!”, Ward exclaimed.

But her explanation was cut short because the human resource manager wasn’t buying her story.

So if Donnie Ward was telling the truth about her criminal history, or lack thereof, what or who was casting her as a criminal? As it turns out, she didn’t only share a date of birth with her twin brother but, because of a mistake, a criminal record also. Donnie Ward and Darlene Martinez are only two of the many victims in the rising issue that is inaccuracy in criminal background checks.

Can you imagine the embarrassment and trouble caused by this travesty! What are the odds of this happening to you? Hynes, a lawyer fighting employment discrimination, reminds us that it’s impossible to not make mistakes when dealing with thousands of data sources.

So what do you do in a world where 23 of employers are conducting and relying on online background screening reports sometimes filled with misinformation– old and incomplete? Don’t wait for these third-party companies to get it right. Trust Spyfly. Run a background check on yourself now!

Coincidentally, and to her family’s luck, officers were in the area, which had been hit with a string of burglaries in recent weeks.

All three men were arrested and the Grant family was able to retrieve their belongings. But not everyone has this fortune. Stacey Grant’s story shows us how oversharing on social media can expose us to criminals.

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