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How to look Up Social Media Accounts

Have you ever gotten a friend request on Facebook(FB)… from yourself?

When Bianca Bosker found out that someone had made a FB profile under her name using a picture retrieved from a google search, she reported it as fake. A few hours later, the fake Bianca was taken down.

But only ten minutes after that, Bosker got another friend request, this time from a Bienca Bosker. Was this coincidence? She couldn’t help but look into it to make sure it wasn’t another imposter. What she found infuriated her. This profile was identical to her own with the exception of the profile picture and a tweak in the name.

This imposter(s) not only copied Bosker’s name, cover photo, and other personal information but made sure to stay up-to-date with the real Bosker’s profile by copying her most recent status posts word for word.

“I realized I was being watched“

According to Bianca Bosker, the Executive Tech Editor of the Huffington Post, there are “83 million fake accounts on Facebook” many of which are “set up by scammers to make a buck”.

But if this was a scam, why would someone impersonate Bianca and then go ahead and friend her? She has yet to get to the bottom of this.

How do you know this isn’t happening to you? How can you tell?

Chances are your imposter is not going to let you know when they’ve taken over your identity. I mean, not unless your name’s Bianca Bosker.

Luckily, Spyfly has got you covered. With our fast cutting-edge people search engine, you can type in your name (or anyone else’s) and see what it is associated with, be it social media information or many other public records.

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