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Is your smart TV watching you?

Vizio, Inc., got a whopping $2.2 million fine by the FTC after they collected data on millions of their consumers. Of course, not a single one of the smart TV owners knew their personal information was collected.

Some of the stolen data included something as simple and as typical as channel history but that’s not the worse part. Vizio managed to collect demographic information such as age, sex, income, marital status, and more from their smart TV shoppers.

But why would Vizio install a software on their TVs that collects and pairs consumer data? That’s right, you guessed it: Money! Your personal information is priceless to advertisement companies. Vizio isn’t the only manufacturing company who’s indulging in this kind of invasion of privacy, however. Other TVs are also tracking you to an extent, Vizio just got caught.

Is there anything you can do to keep your TV from spying on you? Here are some ways you can remain invisible to your monitor while you watch your favorite programs:


Go into Menu → System → Reset & Admin. On here, you will see an option called “Smart Interactivity”, you’ll need to turn that off. But even better news! Vizio now has to make their tracking notices much clearer and must “obtain affirmative express consent”.


Samsung’s SyncPlus is an opt-in tracking service that may have been turned on when your TV was set up. To turn it off, go to the settings menu and find the “Terms & Policy” section.


Apparently, LG’s new smart TV sets don’t have tracking enabled. Cheers to that! But older LG smart TVs have something called LivePlus, that, again, tracks you and may have gotten enabled during setup. To turn it off, go to Settings → Smart TV settings and then disable LivePlus.

The Takeaway

The best way to keep your info safe online is to not have it on there in the first place. Remember, once online you can’t rewind. But, in today’s technologically advanced society, who doesn’t get on the web? It’s important to remember that most internet-connected devices are tracking you in one way or another.

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