Former ‘Bridalplasty’ Star Murdered | SpyFly Blog

Lisa Marie Naegle was killed by A Student

ABC 7 reports that Lisa Marie Naegle once told her sister Danielle, that Jackie Rogers – a student in her West Los Angeles College nursing class, was gay. But in light of her disappearance, Rogers said otherwise. He told her sister that he and Naegle were having an affair. He later confessed to police that he killed Naegle after she told him she was going back to her husband, TMZ reports.

At 2:45 AM, Harryman received a text from his wife Lisa Naegle letting him know she was coming home after she grabbed a bite to eat. Except she never made it home and the last person she was seen with was one of her students at a birthday party.

Rogers told Naegle’s family that although they had arrived at the party in Alpine Village together, her last known location, that he left before she did. But his story didn’t add up.

Naegles’ sister, Michelle Naegle, says that Rogers seemed “antsy” and “nervous” when she confronted him about her sister. Videotape footage shows Rogers and Lisa Naegle leaving the party together in Torrance, CA. Rogers and Naegle, the former Bridalplasty contestant and now murder victim, are also seen posing for a few snaps at the party.

It was inconsistencies like these that led Naegele’s family to go to the police. Derek Harryman filed a Missing Persons report on Sunday and police arrested Rogers Monday night after the family “detained him” and blocked his car, says TMZ.

Lisa Marie Naegle’s naked body was found buried at his Inglewood home. Rogers was once arrested for animal abuse in 2009. He now faces 26 years to life in prison. A background check tool like Spyfly can reveal anyone’s criminal history and many more public records.

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