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False Presentation to Police During an Arrest

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone falsely presents themselves to police during an arrest?

Well, the person lying to law enforcement, if caught, would get charged with a misdemeanor and would face several months in county jail on top of being fined thousands of dollars. But what if the fake name given to police belongs to someone real?

It happens.

A man gave law enforcement a wrong name on five different arrests but the charges went on the record of a real person.

It is not known whether or not the two men knew each other.

Valley Central reports:

The man was convicted of three counts of theft, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance.

So is there a way for police to confirm the identity of whom they are arresting as correct and not falsified? According to CBS 4, McAllen’s Police Chief Victor Rodriguez believes it’s “impossible” and that the best way to protect your identity from criminals and from mishaps is to report any suspicious activity on your record.

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So whether you want to fix inconsistencies found on your background check report or you wanna clean up previous violations, the first step is knowing what is on record.

But even if you haven’t found yourself on the wrong side of the law, you might still want to do a self-check up. You may think your record is clean but mistakes do happen.

Let’s not forget the story about a woman who was left jobless and in tears over a mistake in the screening process which wrongly found a battery assault charge on her record. They were able to sort things out eventually, but the damage was done.

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