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Modern Bank Robbers Don’t Wear Masks

We picture bank robbers as shady guys with ski masks on, barging in and demanding the bank tellers to stuff cash into their bags. While this ancient portrayal might have been accurate years and years ago, today the real threat in thievery may lie somewhere else. It may lie where we least expect it: behind the counter of our banks.

Bank tellers have emerged as a threat that depositors should keep a close eye out for. Research has shown that as ATMs and electronic banking have emerged, the importance of the bank teller has decreased, and as a result, the salaries of these folks have decreased. The median annual salary for these under-appreciated bank workers was 26,000$ in 2014, and it has made them desperate.

There have been many cases of theft from within bank establishments in the United States. In one extreme case, a bank teller that had been leaping from Washington Mutual to Laselle Bank to Fifth Third had withdrawn over $2 million with his conspirators. And it isn’t just stealing money directly from the consumer. One case in Brooklyn revealed that a Chase Bank worker had been selling the personal information to informers for 2500$ per customer.

It is getting so easy for tellers to do this, they just need to educate themselves on basic scam procedures and obtain things like card printers (used to print fake credit and debit cards), which can be bought for only a couple hundred bucks online.

It is clear that these tellers have access to valuable information of consumers that can be used to extract cash, but even with this in mind, tellers and low-level bank employees are not subject to background checks a majority of the time. This is mind-blowing, the fact that the people who handle our most personal details and livelihood can have criminal backgrounds and the employer would have no clue.

It is ridiculously easy to obtain a background check these days. It is shocking that banks have not adapted and made changes to policy on the issue of obtaining background checks for potential employees. It is as easy as going to, entering a first name, last name, and state. After that, you can instantly obtain the criminal record and the background of the individual you have entered. More banks and employers, in general, need to recognize that these background check services are vital to the well-being of their customers, and need to be utilized more often.

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