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New Year - New Smart Technology

Wearable technology was the perfect gift this winter and odds are that either you or someone you know now owns one. They come in all shapes and sizes, most work like a watch and sit on your wrist. These Smartwatches do more than just tell time. They are complex, advanced technologies that pack an interface and data recording instrument into a small easily accessible package.

Connecting to your phone gives these devices even more technological power. Enabling them to access the world wide web and interact with outside data wirelessly. Sounds pretty great right? Just like a gadget worn by James Bond. What doesn’t come in the box and what can’t be found in the instruction manual are the inherent risks that come with using such a device. No, a Smartwatch doesn’t brainwash you into a communist spy but it can be used against you. When data is transferred wirelessly from a device there is the risk that it can be intercepted, infiltrated, and then hacked. That special Holiday gift may not be so great after all.

The path that wearable technology uses to connect to your mobile device can be hacked. With the Bluetooth feature on, someone can access your information up to 10 meters away.

Accessing your phone through the Bluetooth pathway between a smartwatch and phone. After breaking in, they can download the information on your device. Giving them access to your money, your data, and even your identity. They can also take photos and messages stored in your phone. The special hardware and software used by these thieves saves this information, and before you know it you’ve lost something without even knowing it.

Your Bluetooth connection isn’t the only place that your information can be targeted for theft. The information you provide to your smartwatch or fitness wristband is stored on servers by various companies. Any information that is recorded by these devices may also be sent to the companies. Meaning they have your age, height, weight, pedometer, and maybe even GPS records of where you have been.

This personal information is used to create advertising that is more appealing to you but can also be targeted by hackers. Cracking into one of these databases would provide information from everyone that has one of these devices. Whoever has this information now has intimate details about you. They even know your schedule, and they could even know when you leave your house. Thieves could be safely entering your house. Knowing exactly where you are because your smartwatch knows exactly where you are.

The risks of smartwatches should not prevent a person from owning one. Knowing the risks and knowing how to protect yourself should provide peace of mind. In the case of identity theft a self-identity check can help you see it coming before it is too late. identity checking program can find you quickly and hassle free. Indicators of identity theft will help you begin to take the steps to get your identity back.

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