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Online Personal Information Can Lead to Identity Stolen

Once Online, You Can’t Rewind

Nothing on the Internet is private

It’s hard to fathom the idea that something on the internet can be there forever. Every post submitted to Facebook, email you’ve exchanged, or picture you’ve uploaded to Instagram could be up on the web without you even knowing, and sometimes even after you’ve deleted it. Not to mention, what you may have thought to be discreet may be available to the public.

When you empty the Recycle Bin on a computer, the icon changes back to an empty trash can and the files are deleted. The same may apply to deleting IP content online. So this must mean the files are gone, right? WRONG. When a computer deletes a file, it is removing the reference to the file on the hard drive, meaning that the computer can no longer see the file. However, although the file is no longer readable by the computer, it is still on the hard drive and it may be recovered using data recovery software.

So not only is your personal information lingering online but it is visible and up for grabs by others.

Yes, the sensitive personal information that we share online such as on social media accounts can lead to our identities being stolen, just ask University of Tennessee football star Cameron Sutton. The NFL prospect isn’t only a defensive back for UT, but he also was a victim of criminal impersonation. Imagine getting a call from the authorities saying that someone was pretending to be you with intentions to extort money, among other things, from others and was sending fake photos of you to others.

“Nearly 85% of all victims find out about their identity theft case in a negative manner.”

But imagine being on the receiving end of this incident–getting threats from someone who you’ve been chatting with online. Brandon D. Shanahan impersonated Sutton and threatened to share nude photos of a woman he targeted on the internet unless she took more and sent them to him. Additionally, he also insinuated that he would shoot her. This extortion scheme started with messages such as “you’re a goddess” and “you’re beautiful” and ended with an unpleasant plot twist for both victims.

So stay protected! Be sure that your identity has remained untouched and that the people you’re interacting with are who they claim to be by performing a personal background check with SpyFly.

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