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Background Check before Online Dating

3 Women Missing After Meeting Same Man Online


Today, online dating can be as easy as lifting a finger to swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on someone. Maybe that’s why millions of people are turning to online dating sites.

For some, dating online comes easier than the traditional way and can lead to satisfying relationships. But, others tend to have unpleasant experiences that may leave them frustrated and confused. Whichever route you choose to take in your dating quest, it will come with pros and cons. For example, many online dating sites offer various types of personality matching. Such matching can help in finding a more compatible partner. But, matching is a difficult process with inconsistencies such as people appearing differently in person or changing over time. Thus matching may be inaccurate. So it is important to keep in mind that looks are deceiving and that not everyone online is who they say they are.


After packing her belongings, closing her bank account and selling her Arizona home, Nancy Rae Hartz was ready to hit the road with her boyfriend. Having been divorced and then widowed, she had recently found love again through a dating website.

But when friends and family received emails and phone calls that sounded nothing like Hartz, they became alarmed and eventually lead Daughter Denise Baggs to file a Missing Persons report.

Baggs did have a moment alone with her mother right before she boarded an RV with Robert Lawson Carnochan, “She said, ‘Don’t worry, baby. We’ll keep in touch’”, Baggs recalls. But she hasn’t had any contact with her mother since then except for one phone call three days after the 72-year-old left Kingman, AZ.

A further investigation concluded that Carnochan has used at least eighteen different false identities and that Hartz’ disappearance, “echoes that of two other women, Verna Clayton in Arizona and Neva Jane Lindley in Nevada.”

CBS News reports: The three women lived within a 100-mile radius of one another, were around the same age, cashed out financial assets and all began a relationship with Robert Lawson Carnochan—a Canadian man who had been living illegally in the US for over twenty years.

The evidence obtained by a search warrant plus a number of subpoenas confirmed this man as a “person of interest” in the disappearance of Hartz, Lindley and Clayton. He’s currently behind bars in Kingman jail on unrelated charges of identity theft, forgery, and weapons violations.

Protect yourself and the ones you love. Be cautious when interacting with people online. Online dating can be fun but always make sure to do a background check first. Here’s where to start: spyfly.com, to ensure that, whoever it is you are talking to online, truly is who they say they are.

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