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Public Records Search - Protect Yourself

Performing a public records search with SpyFly could ultimately save you a whole world of trouble. Literally, millions of scams are happening each day to unsuspecting people just like you. Most times simply being in the know about a person or a company can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting yourself from criminals and scam artists. Student loan scams are on the rise and if you have an active student loan out, you could be targeted.

Don’t Become a Victim

Sometimes people get into trouble and end up over their heads with student loans. Criminals tend to take advantage of situations like this because stress can make people vulnerable to good-sounding solutions. Scammers often put together phony plans that can entice a person who is down on luck to jump on an opportunity that hypothetically would pull finances out of the slump they are in and make everything good again.

A scam artist can call on the phone, or send an email that sounds like it has the perfect solution for your financial problems. They paint an amazing picture where you get full relief from all the student loans that you have outstanding and even get some money back to put into your pocket when it is all done. Once they get your attention they tell you they need money upfront to get things started. They will ask you for a credit card number and charge the card for all they can get out of it.

Another thing student loan scammers do is convince you that you need their services in order to fix your problem. Student loan relief companies thrive by contacting students and getting them to sign up for their services. They want your personal information, including your social security number, and a lot of time and money. They will also go as far as trying to get control over your account so they can make decisions for you. This is all a ploy to siphon money into their bank accounts. They do not care about your debt, all they really want is to make a profit from your loss.

Big Money Scandal - Student Loan Scams

Because there are so many potential victims out there scammers are starting to thrive and make some serious money. It is a problem that is escalating and beginning to have a negative impact on the whole system both for students and colleges. The federal government is starting to step up security by raising awareness and cracking down on fraudulent businesses that claim to “help” relieve students from financial debt.

Let’s face it: with 45,000 borrowers, student loan debt is something to be concerned about. And with a massive $1.4 trillion weighing down on undergraduate & graduate students, parents, employers, and politicians (although not enough of them) alike, this isn’t only affecting the individual borrower – it is also crippling the whole country.

Fortunately, the solution for safety from this is knowledge. This article is to inform you of the risks and remedies for this problem. Like most other crimes the way they take place is because of the lack of knowledge from unsuspecting victims. For this reason, it’s important to know how to spot the signs as early as possible.

How To Identify A Student Loan Scam

The most important thing to know in avoiding student loan scammers is to be aware of how they target their victims.

According to Federal Student Aid, “Some borrowers have reported receiving phone calls, emails, letters, and/or texts offering them relief from their federal student loans.”

The Red Flags on Spotting Student Loan Scams:

  • They require compensation for assistance, or may even ask for credit card information
  • They ask for your student loan account log-in credentials
  • They ask for legal permission to talk directly to your federal loan service and make decisions on your behalf
  • They pressure you into acting fast
  • They solicit you in an email message
  • They call you and request personal information

Be Aware

Do not allow scammers to take advantage of you. Do your research and you will learn that most things that you can do for your student loans are free of charge and you can do all by yourself without the assistance of anybody. Student loan relief companies look for people that do not realize the facts and sucker them into a plan that ends up costing the student more money in the long run but gives the company quick cash.

We may sometimes be so desperate to finally come out of the deep hole that is student loan debt, that we may want to opt-into a scam like the ones mentioned above. Some of us do. For those of you who have, follow the steps below:

Here’s what Federal Student Aid suggests you do if you believe you’ve fallen victim to a student loan scam:

  • Log in and change your FSA ID. Do NOT share your new FSA ID password with anyone!
  • Contact your federal loan service to revoke any power of attorney or third-party authorization agreement that your service has on file.
  • You should also make sure no unwanted actions were taken on your loans.
  • Contact your bank or credit card company, and request that payments to the company be stopped.
  • File a complaint with the FTC.
  • File a report of suspicious activity through the Federal Student Aid Feedback System.

Knowledge is Power

Once again, knowledge is power and obtaining knowledge is very easy to do. Stay on top of your safety by connecting with a powerful platform that will help protect you from scammers and thieves. Visit SpyFly, for instant access to thousands of public records conveniently placed all in one place.

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