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Roommate Stories That Will Give You Chills

It’s always frightening moving to a new place, to be forced to make new friends, and perhaps most of all, to live with new, unfamiliar people. Not everyone has a great roommate experience, and these folks may have topped the list of weird, freaky, and downright terrifying roommate experiences.

One girl was shocked when she came back from Christmas break, and her roommate had taken literally every single possession and valuable that she owned, even the wireless router. The whole apartment was wiped clean. The two had been having fights before, but she could never have seen this coming.

A particularly scary story developed in Texas, where two girls rooming together would get along just fine until one of them started dating a guy she found on OkCupid. This guy was showing signs of being kind of sketch, but it really became clear when the boyfriend was confronted by his dad (who was on drugs), who had come to where he worked and started verbally assaulting him, to which the boyfriend responded by physically assaulting him. After that, the two girls come to find out that the boyfriend was facing charges of resisting and escaping arrest in his hometown. But even after that, the girl kept dating him and even invited him to stay in their room without addressing it with the other roommate. They were housing a felon under their roof. Sometimes action needs to be taken to get yourself out of an uncomfortable, and even potentially harmful roommate situation.

The most gruesome tale involves one new college student (let’s call him Dan) starting his dorm experience off by walking in on one of his new roommates screaming and insulting the third roommate on move-in day. In the coming weeks, this poor guy would have to go through the crazy guy (we’ll call him Joe) blasting music until 4 AM, threatening to beat up his friends and roommates, and eventually destroying everything he owned when his mother wouldn’t come pick him up for a weekend. We’re talking Xbox, TV, cell phone, everything. Joe understandably was removed from the school by the police and expelled. But that wasn’t even the terrifying part. Weeks later, Joe called Dan and told him he was coming to visit the school and stay in his old room again, but Dan told him he was unwelcome due to him being an unhealthy person to be around. Joe then stalked and insulted him all over social media, and then tried to assault and kill him TWO DIFFERENT TIMES! With a gun first, and then a knife. Luckily the police caught him and he is facing charges.

Some situations are unforeseeable and can happen to anyone, unfortunately. But getting background checks on your roommates can better help you predict and avoid a harmful future encounter. Use SpyFly to get background checks on your future and current roommates, you’ll thank yourself later.

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