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Shocking Stories of Online Dating

Shocking Stories Every Online Dater Should Know About

Although most everyone that is part of the online dating world hopes to end up happy go-lucky and in love like the image above – If you’ve ever used Facebook, Instagram,, Tinder, or any online dating app, you’ve been faced with the real challenge that comes with meeting so many people on a daily basis – you just don’t know them. I mean, really know them. Do you remember Manti Teo and his devastating catfish experience? Or what about the fake profile of “Josh Evans,” a teenage boy who was created by a 40-year old Missouri woman, Lori Drew?

Although the expansion of the Internet has come with many positive advancements for our world – it has also created an ever-increasing necessity for safety when communicating online. Profiles can only tell you so much, and as much as you may think you know a person…it may all be a lie.

Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies investigates online stories and scandals that remind people to stay safe while surfing the net. In the case of Manti Teo, he conducted a two year, “long-distance” relationship with a girlfriend he had met online. Eventually the relationship came to an abrupt end after the mention of her death in a postgame interview. Teo soon came to realize that no record of his Stanford alumna girlfriend ever existed and instead he had been interacting with a 22-year-old man the whole time.

In 2011, a 48-year-old man met a woman online and was engaged in a relationship for two years. Absorbed in his loving relationship, he would wire her money to bank accounts in various states and even countries. After discovering the disappearance of his girlfriend, he notified the police and discovered her identity was fraud.

What do these two cases have in common? First off, the couples never met in person. Second, concrete information was exchanged throughout the duration of both relationships. In the case of Manti-Teo, an online name search on SpyFly would have shown him that “Lennay Kekua” never existed. For the 48-year-old man wiring funds to his girlfriend, a public records search would have revealed address history, phone number, financial records and much more. This would have allowed him to cross reference her actual location and would have revealed the lie. If either of these cases had thought to take the precaution and use SpyFly to check the truth, they would have probably been able to get out of their messes sooner. In the past, dependence on authorities to perform such tasks may have been necessary but now the tool is right in your hands.

Do some of these online dating traits mentioned above apply to your relationship? Has someone ever told you something you weren’t sure was true? Do you really know the people who interact with you and your family? Do you need reassurance? Click here to gain access to background checks and public records with SpyFly. When it comes to your safety, you can never be too early, but you can be too late. Check anyone’s record now.

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