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Shoplifter Loses Her Job… 45 Years Later

Have you ever committed a crime? Maybe it was something foolish a few years ago, maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you had just made the transition into being an adult and did something that would never cross your mind at this stage in your life. Yolanda Quesada, a woman living in Milwaukee, is a person who this applies to but has come back to bite her 4 decades later.

Yolanda Quesada was a good and hard worker for Wells Fargo until the top tier bank received a report from the FBI revealing that she had shoplifted in 1972. And now, 45 years later, Wells Fargo was forced to terminate her, because the company is bound by federal law that prevents them from hiring people who have a current or past criminal record involving dishonesty, or breach of trust. She was furious, telling the news that she doesn’t feel that an irrelevant crime committed 40 years ago should have an effect on her current employment, that she was particularly proficient at. Even if that were true, employers have to be careful when they have a person with a criminal record on their staff. Wells Fargo is a company that has to be particularly wary, as they are currently facing two federal probes and a recent 148 million dollar settlement.

Even with all of these barriers for people with past criminal charges, improvements are being made to the system. The Equal Opportunities Commission has recently decreased the difficulty involved in hiring past criminals. One of their suggestions is for employers to give the applicants the opportunity to explain the charges on their record before outright rejecting them just based on their application.

The system is far from perfect, and citizens really do need to be aware of things that could potentially stop them from obtaining a career. If you are not aware of what is on your record, use services like Spyfly to run a background check on yourself. It might reveal some information to you that you can take action to remove. Don’t let your past determine your future.

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