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Should Violent Criminals Be Allowed to Adopt Pets

In a world where dogs, AKA “man’s best friend”, are ruling the pet adoption industry and tearing at the hearts of almost every American citizen (about ¾ of American say they love dogs), they are becoming increasingly protected under law. This is especially true in Michigan, where a particularly passionate man got a bill to pass, preventing past abusers of animals from being able to adopt pets.

Matt Falk, who was an owner of a husky named Logan, developed a passion for this subject when his beloved Logan got acid thrown on its face by an unidentified stranger in the middle of the night. In the coming months, Logan had increasingly terrible medical issues until he eventually passed away in his sleep. Matt Falk then resolved to reduce animal abuse by introducing a bill that would allow animal shelters to take into consideration background checks when interviewing potential adopters.

This is the softened version of Matt’s vision. In the initial stages, the legislature he had proposed stated that if a potential owner had any animal abuse (or any substantial form of criminal activity) on their record, they would be denied adoption rights.

The rest of the bill may be coming later in 2017. Matt Falk is pushing two more bills that will hopefully be enacted later in the year. These bills would add more substance to the initial “Logan’s Law”, making it extremely difficult for past abusers to adopt a pet.

This work is saving the lives of pets that don’t deserve to be homeless, much less abused. Animal abuse is a topic that no one likes talking about but is also an issue that needs to be faced head-on. Lawmakers and representatives need to be informed about this problem, which is one of the most prevalent issues in the United States in the 21st century.

Everyday citizens can make a change and better the lives of homeless and abused animals too. There are always pets in animal shelters that have terrible pasts and deserve a better future. They say it is a dog-eat-dog world, but these pups have seen enough of the dark side of the earth. Look at your own background using a site like SpyFly, and go change the life of a damaged and broken pet in your area.

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