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Child Identity Theft

Stolen Life

If you are a parent, you see your child grow up right before your eyes. They start off small, chubby, and cute as can be. That doesn’t last long, and soon they’re in school. Before long they graduate into high school and after a few awkward years they start driving on their own. Now it’s time for them to get their first job. After they apply to a few places, you expect them to be hired in no time…but they aren’t. To your absolute surprise, background checks on your son have found that multiple years ago when he was still chubby, small, and cute his identity was stolen from him. Now he must deal with the consequences.

The identities of children are measurably more valuable to identity thieves than their parental counterparts. Children have a clean credit slate, allowing the identity thieves to create mayhem that may go undiscovered until your child has almost graduated high school. Unfortunately it is becoming harder and harder to protect our children from identity theft. With more and more children’s toys becoming integrated into the internet, the personal information of children is being left in the open with no protection. With the recent cyber attack on VTech, an electronic learning product and toy company, nearly 6 million children have had their private information stolen.*

It is hard to fully understand how much data is really gathered by these children’s toys. Many of the devices VTech sells for children have components that connected to the home wifi network and record video as well as sound. On top of that, many of these children toys and apps designed for children have very little cyber security, with many obvious security gaps found. Although all uncovered issues are being dealt with, it is impossible to tell if your child is still at risk.

So, with the number of toys that collect data on their environment expected to increase by 58% annual,* How can we protect our children?

To any would-be thief, your child’s identity is worth double the amount of a regular adult. With this premium placed on kids’ identities it is important for parents to understand how to protect their children. To ensure that your child’s identity remains with his, simply wondering will do nothing. With a self checkup for your child is quick and easy. If your child’s identity is stolen, it will be a lot simpler to deal with it today than any other time in the future. can uncover and display financial information on your child in order to help you determine if their identity is stolen or at risk. Finding and fixing this common aspect of identity theft as soon as possible can mean the difference in the future. Left alone, identity theft can dig financial holes that are hard, or even impossible, to dig out of. Criminally it can prevent your child from being arrested in the future for crimes that they didn’t commit. If a pedophile or some other type of criminal commits crimes under the name of your child, your child can be falsely apprehended in the future for these crimes. A simple search through Spyfly may uncover a criminal background that could allow you to solve the problem before it becomes a burden to your child.

With children’s toys becoming more connected with the world, they face the same threats that the rest of us do. Identity theft is a real problem that affects more people than you may realize. Make sure that your child isn’t another victim of identity theft. *Article Source

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