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Most Popular Online Dating Scams That’ll Leave You Heartbroken

The Most Popular Online Dating Scams That’ll Leave You Heartbroken

Is it possible to find your soulmate somewhere in the online world? Maybe, maybe not. What you’ll more than likely run into —while swiping and sifting through dozens of online dating profiles—are scams, which range from small and petty to downright theft. Here are some of the most common online dating scams and what you can do to avoid them.


Like ‘traditional’ or face-to-face dating, singles online try to make themselves as impressionable as possible. But online dating has the advantage as people are able to hide behind a screen, making room for a lot more ‘flexibility’. This flexibility gives birth to Catfishing, which is to lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona. For example, someone has a fake picture, either overly edited to look ‘better’ or completely not of them, as their profile pic. Such an unpleasant surprise can often feel like a scam, and it undoubtedly becomes one when these victims get their money drained from their accounts. As if that wasn’t enough, these poor souls not only lose their money but also get their heart broken! If you’re worried about them looking different in person compared to their online profile, ask for a recent photo.

Note: that “recent” picture they send may not be so recent; it may not even be a picture of them at all. At this point, it’s best to meet in person, but brace yourself, hope for the best and expect the worst.

Romance Fraud

Certainly, a popular one and perhaps the most hurtful, romance fraud is an online dating scam usually run by someone overseas. The person pretends to have a romantic interest in you. At some point they ask for money, sometimes in order to come visit you or because someone is ‘ill’. You wire the money and they vanish, never hearing from them again.

Fortunately, this scam is easy to avoid if caught early. Stay away from any date that asks you to send money. This may be hard to do, however, because scammers tend to mold a deceptive relationship with you for a long period to gain your trust. For this reason, knowing other signs of romance fraud is vital to prevent falling for this despicable scam. In any case, refrain from sharing any personal information until you know your date better and or meet them in person.

When it comes to matters of the heart, the difference between falling for a romance scam isn’t measured by intelligence as much as it is by awareness. In other words, because your emotions may be impairing your judgment, it is not enough to be smart. You must also know the signs of a scam that feeds off your emotions and money.

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