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Spying on Your Spouse

The New Way to Spy on Your Spouse

Is there such a thing as privacy anymore? Let’s be honest with ourselves, tracking someone’s every move is a little weird. You never want to be “that” significant other looking obsessive or “crazy.”

But what if the chances of you being caught were slim to none? Would you do it? In this day and age, people no longer have to snoop through their significant others’ phone when they leave the room, are sleeping, or accidentally leave their phone at your house. With GPS systems constantly improving, there are now apps that do the dirty work for you.

In Horrible Bosses 2, viewers saw the power of “Find My iPhone” first hand. Dale’s wife who was home with twins suspected her husband was up to no good. The app led her to a hotel room where she found her husband with his dolled up ex-boss, played by the one and only Jennifer Anniston.

So what are some ways to find out information, track text messages, and find out if your boyfriend is hiding his very own Jen behind the scenes? Not only are there applications that track location, but now there are apps that compile phone history and social media information. In a world that tracks everyone’s every move, what will people do with this knowledge?

Apps for Spying on your Spouse

Find My Friends

allows you to track the whereabouts of your spouse, friends, children, etc. Users may share their locations which then appear on a map for others to view. This is a great device to see when your spouse leaves work or when your child heads home from school.


tracks all social media sites in one place. This app follows anyone of your choice on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Not only does the site track across all major social media platforms, but it does not require the consent of the person you are monitoring.


is an undetectable app that monitors text messages, location, call history, social activity, phone conversations, browser history and more. TopSpy requires consent to begin with but essentially allows the person snooping to get a full look at what is going on inside of someone’s mobile device.

Spy Sites

What is another way to find out secretive information? If you haven’t already, it may be important to take a peek into your significant other’s public records. SpyFly looks into your spouse’s past and present information by gaining access to possible criminal record history, financial records, career information, and other important information you may not be aware of otherwise.

The Barriers

What are some barriers you may run into while searching? Apps such as Vault Stocks and Best Secret Folder allow a user to store confidential information, pictures, or videos in these safe locked folders. These folders require an extra password and are kept away in a person’s smartphone. This is an extra precaution a significant other may take to make sure you are unable to reach this information. Although, just the presence of such an app on their phone should be a huge red flag.

Most of the apps require consent from the person you are attempting to track. There are certain functions that allow people to turn off the app or hide from certain followers. Also, if a person is aware he or she is being watched, they may be on their best behavior.

But remember…just as in the situation with Dale from Horrible Bosses, people forget they can be monitored 247. They forget their information is turned on or forget someone is watching them. In the case of Dale, his wife had his “Find My iPhone” information readily available, logged in, and was directed to his exact location.

The quickest way to get the most details about someone’s secrets in one place is to perform a quick background check. You can make sure they aren’t hiding any criminal records, phone numbers, or other dark secrets from you.

SpyFly was founded with the mission of making it safe and easy for people to find and learn the truth about each other online. By providing our members fast, easy and affordable access to public records, members can quickly make informed decisions about individuals they interact with. SpyFly provides searches for active warrants, driving records, arrest records, sexual predators and offenders, and several other public record information searches all in one place to keep you, your family, co-workers, and loved ones safe.