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Airbnb Users Got More Than They Bargained For

Airbnb is an emerging hospitality service that is a growing competitor against hotels, and is a source that more and more people turn to when looking for places to stay during travel. While visitors and hosts usually have good experiences with their stays, some bear gruesome tales of scares, endangerment, and theft.

One unsuspecting man from California had traveled to Berlin and was comfortably staying in an Airbnb apartment, until a Russian man (claiming to be the real owner of the unit) came to the door and demanded what he was doing in his house, very angrily. Must’ve been an extremely awkward experience, very 80s movie-esque.

That was an uncomfortable and unfortunate occurrence, but a host named “EJ” had a hosting experience that would prove to be unlike any other. After she had rented out her apartment for a week, she came back to a scene straight out of a nightmare. A death-like smell was emanating from her bathroom, and there were unknown yellow substances caking her bathroom sink. But that’s not the most terrible part: The renters had stolen her grandmother’s jewelry, passport, credit cards, cash, iPod, laptop, and a hard drive that had all her photos and memories. Her entire life had vanished before her eyes. This was the first major problem Airbnb had experienced, and they poured in finances and assistance while she was recovering. They even implemented measures to protect renters as a result.

Yet another chilling tale involves a host named Troy Dayton coming back to his apartment after renting out to some strangers. His home was completely filled with meth pipes. In addition to those, he found holes in his closet and ax marks on doors, which was a result of the renters stealing his birth certificate and his computer. He accepted 21 complimentary Airbnb nights but is still haunted by his “Shining-like” experience.

Perhaps the most gruesome Airbnb horror happened in Madrid, where the host had locked a renter named Jacob Lopez in the 4th-floor apartment. Jacob talked later about how the host was rattling knives around and pressuring him to commit sexual acts. Jacob Lopez was sexually assaulted that night, no thanks to the indifference of Airbnb employees. Jacob was messaging his mother throughout the night begging for help, and his mother (Micaela Giles) had been desperately calling Airbnb for help. The employees refused to give her the address or call the police. Jacob went through something that night that no human being deserves to go through. He is now in trauma therapy and is begging Airbnb to make changes in their security and safety procedures, which is far overdue.

Staying in a stranger’s house or renting to folks you’ve never met can be a gamble, and for these unlucky users of Airbnb, it didn’t turn out well. Use Spyfly’s extensive online background check to make sure you don’t get yourself into a sticky situation, you’ll thank yourself later.

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