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Protect Yourself on Dating Apps

Tinder: Dating App or Pizza Delivery Service?

In Chicago, a woman was using the popular Tinder dating app to get some of her favorite meals delivered to her doorstep. Why go out and spend your own money if you can get others to order, deliver, and pay for your food without having to lift a finger? Well…technically, she did have to swipe.

They call it the Tinder Games. Women use the dating app with the intention of having men purchase them their favorite foods.

“Kate was on a mission for pizza, not love, so rather than filtering through matches based on their photos, she would ‘swipe right’ on every profile.”

The Tinder Games may be a quick way to save a buck, but they can also be a harsh way to kill the hopes of love. The men that were interviewed said they didn’t mind. They were confused at first but joined in on the fun and play. After Kate and her friends had their first success, the Tinder Games were born. The girls decided to have a competition to see who could get a free pizza first. After captioning her photo with “I want pizza,” pizza’s started flooding in.

When asked about her relationship with the men after their gracious pizza orders, she said they didn’t talk much – they just asked how her pizza was. Kate also noted that she never gave her real address. She would have the pizzas delivered to a local Starbucks or give a fake address nearby. This woman, who goes by the name of Kate for privacy reasons, started a new way of using the Tinder app. After going viral, are people now going to follow in Kate’s footsteps?

It’s probable that both women and men will start using some of Kate’s tactics. Kate’s Tinder Games are going to spark some more competitive play with users of the Tinder application. Hopefully, these games and the requests will stay safe.

In the world of virtual dating, you can never be too careful. How can you protect yourself from dangerous people you may encounter through dating apps such as Tinder?


1. Never Out Give Personal Information

Like Kate, never give your real address to a person you meet online. Remember, you do not know this person and his or her intentions. Also, never give out financial information or any other type of personal information that can lead to a form of online theft.

Check and see if their pictures are legitimate. Perform a reverse image search and see if their photos may be stolen from the Internet.

3. Create a Separate Facebook Profile

Our Facebook accounts include personal information and access into our private lives. Create a Tinder Facebook account that provides basic information and pictures and is solely used for the app.

4. Background Check before you continue

You have the name and age, now perform an online background check. Find out if they have a criminal history, any suspicious driving records, and make sure they are who they claim they are.

Happy Tinder Games, may the matches be ever in your favor!

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