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Watch Out This Tax Season

You never think that those closest to you could betray and hurt you, but all too often people are taken advantage of because they are too trusting, or maybe just unaware. It is important to maintain healthy and trusting friendships with your friends, family, and even those who work with you in order to live a life safe from harm. But sometimes, even those who do all the right things still have disaster strikes on them, which is something these good people know too well.

When a woman named Axton Hamilton had her identity stolen, she figured it was just some random perp who had also stolen her parent’s identities 20 years earlier. But the truth came crashing down on her when her mother passed away. After following a paper trail while going through her mother’s belongings, she learned that her mother had compromised the identities of her father, her, and her grandfather for thousands of dollars. Her own mother was stealing from them. While this seems like an insane and rare case, situations like these happen all too often in the United States.

Thousands of people go to the IRS for help every year concerning tax fraud, and one woman named Nakeisha Hall, who was supposed to be assisting these people, was actually using their SSN and birthdates to steal over $400,000 from these already damaged citizens. Imagine having someone that you trust so dearly take your whole life from you. It’s always good to know that the people you are close to you aren’t trying to take advantage of you and your hard work. There is even a lot of risk involved when you file for tax returns every year. Only 35 percent of taxpayers demand that their preparers use two-factor authentication to protect their clients’ personal information. Even less use encrypted drives to save and use important tax documents. This leaves so much time and opportunity for tax preparers to discreetly steal tax refunds from hard-working people.

All of these grim facts emphasize the fact that citizens need to maintain more security about who they trust with their personal information. Even if you trust everyone around you, it is still a good idea to use services like SpyFly to get background checks on those who you maintain relationships with.

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