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What Oversharing On Facebook Is Costing You


We live in the era of social media. We use it virtually for everything like personal and professional networking and keeping up with what’s going on around us. Heck, even our dinner has a spotlight with apps like Snapchat and Instagram. We share and share and share some more. But is it possible we might be sharing a little too much?

Going on vacation is exciting! So much so that we want everyone to know. Pics or it didn’t happen, am I right? Stacey Grant’s excitement was short lived; however, and quickly turned into disappointment after she became a victim of home burglary.

Michael Baston, Philip Mcknight, and Tyrone Gibson broke into Grant’s home in Fontana, CA after finding out she was away on vacation in Las Vegas. But how did they find out? Who would tell them such personal information? Actually, Stacey did, when she geotagged (an electronic tag that assigns a geographical location to a posting) her Facebook post:

“Just made it to Las Vegas with my family.”

She even confirmed it with Baston via Facebook messages when he asked when she would be back. Of course, she thought she was only having a normal conversation with one of her Facebook friends. What she didn’t know was that she was giving the three men free access to her belongings. Even her bed was gone when she got home.

Coincidentally, and to her family’s luck, officers were in the area, which had been hit with a string of burglaries in recent weeks.

All three men were arrested and the Grant family was able to retrieve their belongings. But not everyone has this fortune. Stacey Grant’s story shows us how oversharing on social media can expose us to criminals.

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