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Background Check of Criminal or Sex Offender

What You Don’t Know, Might Hurt You

When you hear the words “background check,” what is the first thought that comes to mind? Is it “criminal” or “sex offender?” How about hooded men following you on the street, or an unrequited love stalking your home?

Often times, we reserve background checks to those specific stereotypes that we’ve seen portrayed on television, individuals that possess shady traits that make them seem like a criminal.

Yet Lalit Kundani disagrees with this thought process. A Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, he acknowledges the mistake of relying on our stereotypes to identify criminals.

“[Criminals] neutralize the threats that they know we look for,” writes Kundani. At every step, they turn our traditional idea of crime on its head, distancing themselves from our suspicions. These criminals are master manipulators – they are skilled in creating deceptive lives.

So how do we know if our seemingly normal neighbor has a secret criminal record they’re hiding? How do we protect ourselves from these masterminds? SpyFly is a tool that acts as a safeguard, letting users search the public and criminal records of people in their lives. SpyFly is a way to help you find out the information that someone may not be telling you for some reason – it is a way to protect yourself and your family from outsiders who might be hiding something you should know.

“Crime does not polarize so conveniently into black and white.”

Kundani labels these “disguised criminals” as the “Gus Fring’s” of the world, referencing the popular crime television drama Breaking Bad. So, what kind of person is “Gus Fring?” He is the well-liked professional who gives to the local charity, yet commits acts of fraud behind the scenes. She is the local PTA president and mother, who was highly respected in her community, but was in fact a methamphetamine addict and charged with multiple instances of identity theft, including the identity of her own mother.

“Wouldn’t someone have caught them by now?”

In this day and age, precaution is the most reliable route to take. Whether you are just a conscious individual or concerned mother, SpyFly is a program that provides background reports, accurate information, and the ability to monitor any “Gus Fring’s” in your life. It is important to be aware that criminals can appear in all shapes and sizes. SpyFly is a quick and easy-to-use site that has helped hundreds of thousands of people protect themselves against people they thought they could trust. With SpyFly, take control of the truth yourself. Discover address history, criminal records, financial information, and more.

Search, access, reveal with the click of a button.

SpyFly was founded with the mission of making it safe and easy for people to find and learn the truth about each other online. By providing our members fast, easy and affordable access to public records, members can quickly make informed decisions about individuals they interact with. SpyFly provides searches for active warrants, driving records, arrest records, sexual predators and offenders, and several other public record information searches all in one place to keep you, your family, co-workers, and loved ones safe.