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Woman Taken Captive; Found in Neighbor’s Shed

Living next door to someone can give you a front row seat to all of their weird stuff they do during their private time. As witnessed in Blanchester, Ohio in April, when a man by the name of Dennis Dunn with a criminal history kidnapped his neighbor for no apparent reason. Another neighbor heard cries coming from Dunn’s property and called the police.

A responding officer arrived on the scene. He heard cries coming from the shed and opened the door to find a large slab of wood with heavy objects on top of it, keeping it from being lifted up. After removing the obstructions, the officer was shocked to find the woman crouched in a small pit, where she had been trapped all night.

Dunn was arrested without a struggle after the police obtained a warrant, and the woman was taken to a hospital. Dunn had a history of mental illness as well as arrests. Earlier that same month, he was charged with disorderly conduct for repeatedly calling the police, claiming people were trying to enter his home. Later that week he alarmed neighbors walking around his yard with a gun and was taken in for psychiatric evaluation, but released soon after. Around the same time, the victim had reported her neighbor for harassing her.

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