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Can You Top These Terrible Online Dating Tales?

We all have dating stories. Whether they be great, terrible, funny, awkward, or just plain strange, we love to tell all of our friends and compete in the contest of who has been on the worst date. These women, however, have experiences that trump most others, and they all have one thing in common: they met these lucky men through online dating sites. Online dating is a go-to for adults trying to meet potential partners, but here are some situations where a date didn’t go the way these women hoped.

You never know what kind of people, or what kind of criminal, you might find on dating sites. Lucky Lady #1 met a guy on MeetMe, who after dating for a while with no issues, ALMOST MOVED IN WITH HER AND HER FAMILY. She then caught him looking down her 12 year old daughters’ shirt, and things predictably ended quickly. It was eventually discovered that he had been awaiting a hearing for a sexual attack on a child under 12 years old. She then swore off online dating, claiming she would never trust it again.

Yet another horror story involves Lucky Lady #2 saying “why not?” to a date invitation from a man she met on Yahoo Singles. She proclaims the date as “singularly the most awkward and uncomfortable evening” she has ever had. They made disjointed small talk, stared awkwardly at the food, and at the end of the evening simply said goodbye to each other. Sounds like the end of it right? Wrong. Six months later, she got a message on Yahoo from the guy’s account, except it was his brother, telling her that the guy is now in prison (supposedly a misunderstanding), and that he would love to hear from her!

Dating after a divorce can be difficult. It was even more so for Lucky Lady #3, who after narrowing her choices to two lucky bachelors, decided to go on a date with each of them. She then felt indifferent about one of the men, so the other one was awarded with a second date. They met in a church parking lot in a popular part of downtown, and so she was ready for a fun evening. He then proceeded to invite her into the church, where he explained that he was a recovering alcoholic and is giving an open talk at an AA meeting. And to make the date even better, she has to help set up. She put up with him until he told her she needed to help tear down as well, and then ditched him for the other guy at a bar that very same night, and 15 years later they are happily married!

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