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Can you Trust your Uber Driver?

Can you trust your Uber driver?

Would you ever catch a ride with a complete stranger?

Most of us like to think we wouldn’t get into a car with someone we didn’t know. Especially if the driver was riding with a criminal history trailing behind him or her? But some of us are already doing just that– we get into Ubers without a second thought. Uber horror stories are popping up all over the place. Although some of these sound like something out of a scary movie, they are some of the strangest and most disturbing experiences of real people.

“When she tried to exit the car, her driver locked the doors, trapping her inside.”

Take this story, for example, a kidnapping that started with one simple click requesting a ride via a cell phone app and ended with the passenger screaming for help.

The female passenger left a party early and decided she’d request an uber home but the driver had other plans. He took her 20 miles out of her route and into a secluded parking lot. Luckily, after much screaming, he took her home.

To make matters worse, Uber claims no liability for any of its drivers’ actions, saying they are simply contractors and not employees.

So what was Uber’s reaction to the woman’s detailed complaint of a man who abducted her and drove her around against her will for about two hours?

They returned her ride fare and apologized for the “inefficient route”.

Sure, Uber drivers are put through a background check but whatever screening they are undergoing seems to miss a whole lot. How can a background check not pick up Uber driver Tadeusz Szczechowicz’s felony? And he’s not the only Uber employee or “independent contractor”, as Uber likes to call them, to evade disqualification for the driver position despite having a criminal background.

So can you trust a driver that has a previous violation(s)? Especially one who clearly isn’t telling the truth about his or her background. Keep in mind, when an Uber is assigned to pick you up, they give you the name of the driver. Did you know that’s all you need to do a background check? It’s quick and easy with Spyfly.

Knowing the people in your everyday life– Uber drivers, neighbors, landlords etc. –I mean, really knowing them, may be more beneficial to your safety than you think.

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