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Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Hidden Among Us – Do you know your neighbor?

Here’s a likely scenario: you live in a quiet and friendly neighborhood. Your home is only a 10 minute walk from little Tommy’s school. Once he is of age, you will likely allow Tommy to walk to and from school all on his own. You do what any good parent will do and begin prepping him for the 10 minute journey to school. You start by teaching him to look both ways before crossing the street, which turns to make, etc. And then you take things a step further.

You begin pointing out neighbors by name:

“Here are the Jefferson’s, they have an orange fluffy cat. Over there by the Oak tree, you’ll find Mr. and Mrs. Smith. On this corner, by the stop sign, lives Mr. Szeles, he’s a nice old man who had us over for dinner once, you remember him, right?

Now little Tommy is guaranteed to be safe, right? He knows his route to school and knows all the friendly faces; he knows all about stranger danger, too, so he is good to go! Or so it seems.

You’ve met the neighbors a couple times and they seem like honest, great people. You walk by them every day, greeting everyone along the way to school. In fact, Mr. Szeles, the nice old man has even offered to baby-sit a couple times, he’s so nice. Everything is perfect. But being the good parent that you are, you begin to do some research to learn more about your neighbors. The Jefferson’s,… check. The orange fluffy cat… check. Mr. and Mrs. Smith… check. Mr. Szeles… che…. Wait… who is Frank Szeles?

His fans called him “Mr. Wonder,” before he changed his real. His real name is Frank John Selas III., a retired host for a popular children show in Louisiana. “Mr. Wonder” adored children and kids loved him and admired him back.

However, on June 1979, Selas used his popularity as “Mr. Wonder” to organize a camping trip to Kisatchie National Forest, in Louisiana. Although the station didn’t sponsor the camping trip, he was allowed to promote it during his show. He sexually abused at least seven children. After parents notified the authorities, an arrest warrant was issued for Selas’ arrest. Unfortunately, he vanished before authorities had an opportunity to arrest Mr. Selas.

Now known as Frank Szelez, the 79 year old denies any link to his former name. However, after 37 years of investigating, authorities are certain they have the right man.

This raises the question: Do we really know our neighbors? How about our friends?

Sure you know their names and general things about them, but do you truly know them? How can someone like Frank John Selas III disappear so easily and then hide in plain sight by simply changing his last name?

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