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Have you ever wanted to do a background check on somebody, or maybe even a criminal history search? You never know who your neighbor might be. How many people do you meet at social gatherings that seem amazing? The person could end up being the love of your life. Or, the person could end up being the end of your life. SpyFly has an assortment of solutions to keep you safe. Read on and decide for yourself if checking somebody out could be a good idea before you start hanging out with them.

We live in an unpredictable society today. Just when you think you know somebody, you find out things that you never would have guessed about them. Unfortunately, sometimes when we fail to know certain facts about people the consequences can be horribly bad. Knowledge is power and that power can ultimately save your life.

The story below is a perfect example of where the knowledge of an individual would have made a huge difference for some of the people involved. Things could have turned out much better if any of these people knew that the person they were hanging out with was not the kind of person they would be safe with.

Wild Chase With a Close Call - Stewart Weldon

On Sunday, May 27, Stewart Weldon led police on a wild car chase through Massachusetts. The chase began when they tried to pull him over for a broken taillight. As soon as they flipped their lights, he aggressively sped away. After several blocks of speeding and threatening public safety, Weldon finally crashed into a patrol car. At this time he tried to fight officers off but was quickly subdued and brought into custody. What authorities discovered next sounds like something out of a horror film.

What the police found next was a woman who appeared to have been physically abused. She was in the passenger seat of Weldon’s vehicle and seemed very relieved to see them. She reported to the authorities that Weldon had taken her captive and held her against her will for nearly a month. During this time he had allegedly beaten and repeatedly raped her.

She told police that she did not think she was going to escape and that she feared the man was going to kill her. She was, of course, extremely happy to have been rescued. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital for a possible fractured jaw, stab wounds to the abdomen and a leg infection. Although her wounds were not life-threatening, she was very shaken up.

Homicidal Tendencies

On Friday, Weldon went to his arraignment and entered a “not guilty” plea to kidnapping, sexual assault, and torture charges. He is being held on a $1 million bail. Because of the charges and the circumstances of this grizzly situation a judge granted a search warrant of Weldon’s home and allowed police to look into the jailed man’s affairs.

When the authorities searched for evidence regarding the kidnapping at his Springfield home, they found three bodies. At this time it is not clear where in the home the bodies were located, how long they had been there, or the causes of death. What is clear is that this was a horrific discovery and that there is a whole new level to this story.

The police immediately launched an intense investigation to get more answers regarding the bodies and began to question anybody and everybody who might have seen or heard anything in regards to this heinous crime.

Another Twist - A Child Taken Into Emergency Custody

On top of everything else apparently, there was a child in the home when all of this took place. According to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Stewart Weldon, 47, was living at home with a child who was taken into emergency custody. Who this child is and why he or she was in the home is still a mystery, but the authorities are doing everything they can to get answers at this point.

From the Neighbor - No One Would Have Known

“If they had never stopped him for the taillight, then no one would have known,” Weldon’s neighbor Brenda Quinones told The Boston Globe. “It’s just too creepy. People would still be walking by his house, and who knows if he would have gone after more women.”

Safe and Discreet Background Checks - Know Who Your Neighbor Is

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